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Requests to move Configurations from QA to Production

To ensure configuration move requests from the QA to Production Environment are smooth, successful, and timely, we ask customers and partners to do the following:

  1. Please submit a request asking ONEiO Support to move a configuration QA to Production,
    at least 2 days in advance before the configurations needs to be in "Live" usage.

  2. ONEiO Support will ask you to review and confirm that you have read and acknowledge the following statements:

    1. It is understood that all Changes need to be Tested in the QA environment before moving them into Production. Testing has been carried out and completed and signed off by all stakeholders?
      If additional actions are required due to insufficient testing, ONEiO reserves a right to not include the needed actions in normal support work.

    2. It is understood that ALL of the moved changes and once activated as “Live” should be immediately validated in Production.

    3. It is understood that no changes should be made directly into the Production Environment, unless you are fully aware of the change impact / outcome.

  3. As soon as ONEiO Support receives an acknowledgement confirmation from the requester for the move from QA to Production, we will proceed with planning the Production move request. 

We appreciate our customers' and partners' understanding, as we want to ensure that everyone is successful in using the ONEiO solution.

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