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How to configure Slack for integration with ONEiO


This document shows an example of what needs to be done in Slack to make it integration-ready with the endpoint in your ONEiO. Note also, that the amount of fields used in integrations might vary. 

Slack Endpoint Type in ONEiO supports only messages towards Slack as of now. Bi-directional communication will be introduced in a later release. 

For any questions related setting up the integration, please send mail to

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Sending messages from ONEiO to Slack


ONEiO access Slack by using Incoming Webhooks in the ONEiO Slack App

Create an App in Slack

Log in to your Slack account ( with your account administrator user and click Your Apps from the top right corner of your screen.

Start by clicking Create New App.


Fill out the basic information.


Navigate to Add features and functionality.


Select Incoming Webhooks.


Activate the feature.


You need to add one new webhook per channel you want to send messages to. The corresponding object in ONEiO is Entity type


After you have created the webhook, simply add a new Entity Type to your endpoint in ONEiO and add the webhook's URL to it (everything after


To finalize, just Install your app to your workspace.



Route messages to Slack

To be able to send messages to Slack you just need to create a rule that has your selected tool as source and the Slack as target. Target attributes can be seen in the picture below. You can use the source systems attributes as values as you can do in any other ONEiO use case.

In this example, an update in Freshservice causes a message to be posted in Slack.







Sending messages from Slack to ONEiO

Inbound messaging from Slack is not supported yet in this version of ONEiO Slack Endpoint Type.





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