• Service Period means the time when the Service is available at the interface of the general network. Service Period of the System is 24/7/365.
    • Cut-off Period means the period during which the Service has not been available in the production environment at the interface of the general network.
    • Availability Rate is calculated for each integration and for each full calendar month by applying the Service Period and Cut-off Period(s) rounded off to full minutes. Availability Rate is calculated as follows: Availability Rate = (Service Period – Cut off Period) / Service Period x100.
  2. COMPENSATIONS You are entitled to compensation if Your Availability Rate falls below the thresholds set forth in the table below for reasons attributable to Us. Compensation is calculated for each Calendar Month on the bases of the Service Fee allocated to the relevant integration and Calendar Month. Compensation shall be applied by deducting the compensation from Your next Service Fee payment. 

Availability Rate


Less than 99,9 %

3 %

Less than 99,0 %

5 %

Less than 98,0 %

10 %

Less than 97,0 %

20 %

Less than 95,0 %

40 %

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