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  1. PARTNER ORDERS In case You order the Service from Our reseller, You acknowledge and agree that Your use of the Service is governed in addition to the terms of this Agreement your agreement with Our reseller, which sets forth the price and payment terms of Your Subscription. You acknowledge further that in case You acquire technical support from Our reseller, We are under no obligation to provide technical support directly to You. 

  2. In case You order the Service from Our reseller, You agree that if (a) We are notified by Reseller of Your failure to pay amounts due to Reseller with respect to Your subscription to the Service; or (b) Reseller fails to pay any amounts due to Us pursuant to the Reseller Agreement with respect to Your subscription to the Service, We are entitled to suspend or terminate Your subscription to the Service, upon 7 days’ prior written notice, without any liability to You with respect to such suspension or termination. 

- - - - - - - - 

Order Form

List of Content:

  1. Customer name

  2. Customer Address

  3. Customer VAT number (if exists)

  4. Person representing the Customer (if Customer is a separate entity)

  5. Service Plan Subscribed (1 e)

  6. Price of the Plan (i.e. Subscription Fee)

  7. Billing Period of the Plan (time invoiced in advance) (1 b)

  8. Commencement of the Billing Period (when does it start)

  9. Initial Subscription Period (6.1)

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