How to configure Salesforce for integration with ONEiO


This document shows an example of what needs to be done in Salesforce to make it integration-ready with ONEiO. Note also, that the amount of fields used in integrations might vary. The document also describes what ONEiO needs to be able to send messages to the Salesforce instance.

Currently the integration supports Cases. More entities can be added on demand.

For any questions related to setting up the integration, please send mail to

You can sign up for a free trial of ONEiO from the following link: ONEiO Free Trial

Sending from Salesforce to ONEiO

Access from ONEiO to Salesforce

ONEiO accesses Salesforce by using Salesforce REST API.

ONEiO connected app for Salesforce

Install the package from this LINK (version 1.7)

If you want to install the package to a sandbox environment, replace with in the package link.

Select to install for All Users


Approve 3rd party access




After the installation, ONEiO Configuration needs to be added.

Click + from the top menu


Select Service-Flow Configurations


Select "new"


And set the username and password. You can get these from ONEiO UI ("Configuration" → "Endpoints"). Select also the ONEiO environment where to send the outbound messages.


If you wish to define a criteria when a case is sending a message out, you can define fiters.


Input Field and Value for the filter. You can add multiple filters. When filters are present, updates are sent out when ALL the filter values are in the Case. Without filters, all updates to Cases are sending out a message.


Sending from ONEiO to Salesforce 

Create Integration user to Salesforce

Add integration user to Salesforce. This user is used be able to create and update the entities that are integrated.

Access from Salesforce to ONEiO

To call Salesforce REST API, is necessary to obtain a sessionID to do that you need to use OAuth2 authentication (more information).

Set the url and credentials to ONEiO

  • URL https://[YOUR-INSTANCE]
  • Username
  • As password you need to input the password of the account in use + the accounts personal security token (token can be reset from Salesforce My Settings → Personal → Reset My Security Token)

Mandatory fields in the messages to Salesforce

To create or update a record in Salesforce, you need to include element request.sf_entity_type to the message towards Salesforce. Possible value is Case.


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