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ONEiO Next Generation iPaaS - Service Description

DISCLAIMER: Due to continuous development of the ONEiO this document is subject to change. All right reserved.

How to Subscribe: ONEiO Subscription


Means a direct agreement between ONEiO and the user. Provides the User an access to ONEiO SaaS solution.

Subscription is based on subscription plan, number of integrations and integration type (process and/or CMDB). No limitations for processes.

Trial Subscription

Users are able to sign-up for a trial subscription. Trial subscription accounts include only the production environment and is valid for 14 days at the time.

Partner solutions

ONEiO's partners provide ONEiO as part of their solution offering. In such case, the solution description can be amended by the partner and end-user's access and control to ONEiO Integration Hub can be limited.


ONEiO Solution Components


ONEiO consist of:


All needed integration infrastructure, applications, adapters and supplier connections.

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • High-availability for end-to-end
  • No maintenance breaks


Integration management and control tools via web-based user interface.

Tools for centralised integration management:

  • Fast and easy integration implementations via no code configuration
  • Easy troubleshooting
  • Integration change management

Management Services

Technical management services for resource friendly integration management.

  • Management and operations of integrations, end-points and the whole integration network supporting even the most business critical service levels

What is included in ONEiO Software as a Service (SaaS)?

Integration Applications (cloud based)

Application maintenance (incidents, patches etc.)

Included (continuous)

Application development (changes)

Included (continuous)

Application upgrades

Included (continuous)


Integration Infrastructure (cloud based)

Infrastructure maintenance

Included (continuous)

Infrastructure development

Included (continuous)

Infrastructure upgrades

Included (continuous)


Support and Maintenance

1st line Technical Support


2nd line support


3rd line support



*can be provided and amended by ONEiO Partner

Availability and Continuity


True cloud-based cloud architecture for enterprise-grade scalability.

End-to-end high availability


End-to-end monitoring


Maintenance windows, production breaks

Always up-to-date, continuous delivery, no maintenance breaks


Connectivity and process support

ITIL process support

ONEiO has no limitations for the integrated process or data and solutions support all ITIL processes (and beyond) by default. In addition, CMDB is support is available as an option.

Connecting ITSM tools

Solution includes ready-to-use Tool adapters for a variety of applications.

Ask for support for other applications.

Connecting Service Vendors

Most of the Service Vendors are already connected to ONEiO providing easy and fast connectivity of ITSM tools and processes.

List of connected suppliers is continuously updated. Ask if your supplier is not on the list yet.

Vendor-to-vendor connectivity

Built-in (supports n-to-n integrations like SIAM set-up, out-of-the-box)

Support for multiple end-points (Vendors or Customers)

Built-in. Allows you to integrate ITSM tools and processes easily between all parties in the ecosystem. New suppliers and vendors are continuously added.


User Interface

Ticket conversation management

Easy-to-understand graphical view on tickets lifecycle incl. status, timestamps and rules applied.

Routing rules

Configurable rules for managing even the most complex use cases and exceptions.

Message views

Message feed for real-time ticket tracking and troubleshooting with search functionality.

Configuration tools

For configuring and managing integrations. No coding required.

Version management

ONEiO contains integration documentation, versioning and roll-back functionality.


Ticket attachments are supported. Can be configured via UI.


Purchasing model

Software as a Service, pay-per-use


Subscription based


Management Service

ONEiO Experience team is responsible for providing technical support for ONEiO partners and end-users.

Team consists of ONEiO integration experts who have long experience of developing and delivering service integrations. Experience team act as a single point of contact for managing and supporting all integrations between vendors, end-users, and subcontractors in integration network.


Service channels                         

Service hours & Response times

  • SaaS subscription includes standard technical support.
  • ONEiO Experience team provides 1st- line support for ONEiO related technical issues.
  • Email
  • Weekdays 08-17 (CET+1)
  • Response time: 4 hours

End-user is responsible for process level support e.g. tracking tickets, process issues and related troubleshooting etc.

Limitations applied to a standard service

  • Even though ONEiO is designed for enterprise-grade high-scalability, the standard Service described in this document is intended for "human-initiated" messaging. Therefore, if you need to integrate automatically generated data (e.g. monitoring data, alerts, events, notifications) that are sent continuously or with high frequency,  ask for more information.
  • Standard message size is limited to 25 Mb. A message means any communication through Integration.
  • The Service supports both process and "CMDB" or other database-related data exchange, depending on chosen integration type.


Solution Architecture

ONEiO has been developed from the ground up as a multi-tenant platform, which is running in the cloud. No applications, databases or servers are needed to be installed anywhere.

Please see ONEiO - Technical Whitepaper for details.




You can find more info about ONEiO Integration Hub, security and other questions and answers from our Help Center FAQ section.

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