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About ONEiO General Agreements

Dated: Feb 2nd, 2020

Terms of Service

Our Terms of Service is a contract between you (the Customer) and us (ONEiO) describing the services we will provide to you. It consists of the following documents:


Master Terms: These contain the core legal and commercial terms between you and ONEiO that apply to each subscription to the Service. 

Plan Specific Terms: These include any additional terms that apply to your use of each of our product offerings (“Plan”) and other services.

Data Processing Agreement: This explains how we are processing your personal data.


ONEiO User Terms of Service

ONEiO User Terms of Service is a contract between you as the User of the Service and us (ONEiO) describing the terms of your use of the Service. ONEiO User Terms of Service consists of the following documents:

User Terms:User Terms of Service (the “User Terms”) govern your access and use of ONEiO integration service (the “Service”). Even though you are signing onto an existing account, these User Terms apply.

Acceptable Use Policy: This Acceptable Use Policy sets out a list of acceptable and unacceptable conduct for ONEiO Service. If we believe a violation of the policy is deliberate, repeated or presents a credible risk of harm to other users, our customers, the Service or any third parties, we may suspend or terminate your access. This policy may change as ONEiO grows and evolves, so please check back regularly for updates and changes. Capitalized terms used below but not defined in this policy have the meaning set forth in the User Terms of Service.

Privacy Policy: This policy describes how we collect, receive, use, store, share, transfer, and process the Personal Data of the Users of the Service and the visitors to our Websites. It also describes the User’s and Visitor’s choices regarding use, as well as their rights of access to and correction of their Personal Data. 


We cannot provide our services to you unless you agree to these terms. By using the Service or by receiving other services from us, you are agreeing to these terms. 

We periodically update these terms. If you have an active ONEiO subscription, we will let you know when we do via an email or in-app notification.


These agreements are meant to be handled as a whole. You can download the complete pdf from the link below.

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