The King is dead, long live the King!

The 14th of March marks an important day for us here at ONEiO, the end of the UI that started it all. When ONEiO started all those years ago, we wanted to have a UI that better represents how we think of integrations. One that shows the proper conversation between connected endpoints and represents all aspects of the integration.

As complexities grew, and we with them, we needed a new interface that could support all the new features our developers created for you, the users, to simplify your integration process.

And out of that need, the was born.

First a fledgling, with just the most crucial features, it quickly grew to the same might as its older sibling.

And through the tireless efforts of our development team and the sharp foresight of the product team it is now stronger, better and prettier than its predecessor.

All features of the old UI have been replicated in the and many new features have been added since we announced the end-of-life for the old UI. And with this knowledge and confidence we look forward to the future of ONEiO and our work to automate the integration landscape.

If you have any questions regarding the ONEiO app, come and visit our Help Center where you can find all the information one how ONEiO works, what you need to get started with ONEiO and much more.

I also recommend checking out our Community where we release updates like this, give service status updates and gather feedback and suggestions.

And in case there are any questions left please feel free to contact us at, we are always happy to help.




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