Introducing distraction free message feeds

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the message feed when there’s a flood of messages going through ONEiO. For some of our users, messages have been flying past the screen nearing the tempo of a bass drum in a Slayer song.

We went ahead and borrowed the most basic feature from your favourite music streaming app and reintroduced a pause button for the message feed.

The button is there to help you out when you need to take a closer look at any of your messages. Press pause and we will stop any new messages from appearing in the feed. All your integrations will continue to run as usual, it only pauses messages from showing on your screen.

When you scroll down the feed or click on a specific message to look into it, we will automatically pause the feed allowing you to peruse the messages in peace.

Once you are ready to see the influx of messages, just hit the play button and you are back in live mode.

To find out more about can read more about the functionality of the message feed.




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