Reprocess inbound messages and ease your development

When developing integrations in ONEiO you might encounter situations where your routing rules are not doing exactly what you expected to happen. For example, you might have not set the right conditions or an accidental typo causes your outbound system to not receive what it was intended to.

ONEiO now has the ability to reprocess the inbound message. You no longer will have to resend a message manually from your tool in order to check whether your rules are working as expected.

Reprocessing means that ONEiO will use the original raw message received from your tool and treat it as it would be an entirely new message.

You will find the new reprocessing option available in the Messages view, next to each inbound message. It will not appear for messages older than 30 days, as they are no longer stored in ONEiO.

You can read more about the Messages view and its functionality in our User Interface guide.




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