Advanced Message Feed is now the default

The new advanced message feed has reached the level where we are comfortable to say that it truly is a better experience for our users than the current basic feed. 

From today onwards, we are gradually changing all subscriptions to use the advanced message feed as the default option.

The advanced message feed is still in beta. It will remain in beta until the basic message feed will be deprecated and removed from the user interface later this year.

If you face any issues with the advanced message feed, you can still switch to the basic feed. Any feedback related to issues or potential areas for improvement is very welcomed.

You can comment directly on this announcement or reach out to our support team with your feedback.

Lastly, join us in our product update webinar if you are interested to see and hear more about the new advanced message feed. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the new feed directly with our product team. The webinar will be held live on the 28th of April and you can sign up here.




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