Make the most out of your quota

Now it is possible for Enterprise subscription owners to see how many messages have been consumed in a month directly on the Subscription Settings page within ONEiO. 

The new views provide up-to-date information on message consumption and show all of your integrations in one view, whether they are flat-rate integrations or quota integrations.

All quota integrations consume your total base quota and whenever the base quota has been reached, an automatic top-up will be applied to your subscription. Top-ups are priced according to your agreement.

Reaching your base quota does not mean that any of your integrations would be suspended, they will always continue to run without interruption.

To inform you of your message quota consumption, we send notification emails to the subscription owner when your subscription has approached 80% of its base quota. We will also email the subscription owner whenever an automatic top-up has been applied.

With an Enterprise subscription to ONEiO, you may be entitled to a base message quota for low-volume integrations depending on your agreement. If your subscription does not include any message quota, you can reach out to your ONEiO contact or partner, or reach out to us directly



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    Depending on your specific integration use case, there may be some requirements that affect limits within messages. You can reach out to our sales to discuss your integrations needs further so that we can find a suitable solution for you

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  • Is there any text limit fixed for each message?

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  • How can we increase the amount of messages?

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