Improved Message Feed experience and Transition to Advanced Feed

We are excited to announce a series of significant improvements to the Advanced message feed. These updates address several performance issues and enhance the overall user experience. 

As part of this release, we are also commencing the removal of the old message feed and in the coming months only the Advanced message feed will be accessible to all users.

If you notice any other issues with the Advanced message feed, you can contact our support at or leave a comment on this post.

The following improvements have been made available to all users of the message feed:

Faster Search and Filtering

When searching for messages by ID or using any of the new filters, returning results has been slow on some occasions.

The performance of the filtering has been significantly improved.

Eliminated Flickering

When viewing the message feed and the feed is still loading new transaction rows, the user interface has flickered.

Flickering should no longer occur as the performance improvements load the results faster, leading to all results being loaded without flickering.

Instantaneous Message Details

When opening a message transaction row, the message details have appeared to have been loading and only show the details when a user has clicked outside of the expanded area.

Message details are displayed as soon as they are available without the need to click elsewhere.

Reliable Loading of Messages

When loading the message feed and there have been several messages with the same timestamp (a common occurrence when an endpoint is polling for results), the feed has often failed to load the messages.

Messages will load and no errors should be displayed.

Error-Free Long Conversations

When opening the conversation view with a long conversation (hundreds of messages) the application has thrown errors or prevented app usage.

Long conversations are now loaded without errors.

Stable Scrolling Experience

When viewing the message feed and scrolling the feed, on some occasions the feed has been automatically scrolled to the top of the feed. 

The feed should no longer be scrolled to the top unexpectedly.

Accurate Routing Rules Filters

When using the Routing rules filters, the list of routing rules was not displayed correctly as it included deleted routing rules or the list was incomplete.

The filter list should only include active routing rules.



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  • Works fine and look stable.

    Time filter would be helpful still. Before, after, between.

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