Enhanced Routing Rule Export and Import Options

Exporting and importing routing rules are now a whole lot easier with the added capability to export multiple rules as well as import them. 

It’s now possible to select multiple rules and use a bulk action to export the selected rules. Or if you would like to export all rules in the subscription, there is a single button to click to obtain the whole list of rules in the currently selected environment.

Importing multiple rules is now a possibility as well. By clicking on the Import button on the top of Routing rule page, you can either import a single rule or multiple rules in a single file.

By exporting and importing multiple rules you can adjust multiple rules in one go by adjusting the exported rule file. Just be sure to match the correct endpoints, entity types and message types that already exist for each endpoint. The import will not create these objects in the environment you are importing to.

For additional information please read the article on how to use the export and import function.



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