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How to create integration between Jira and ServiceNow


This document shows how to create an integration between Jira and ServiceNow in your ONEiO subscription. Note also that the number of fields used in integrations might vary.

For any questions related to setting up the integration, please send mail to

You can sign up for a free trial of ONEiO from the following link: ONEiO Free Trial


In this guide, we cover the following steps required for communication between ONEiO, Jira, and ServiceNow.


Create the Jira Endpoint

First, create and configure your endpoints, starting with the Jira Endpoint:


Create the ServiceNow Endpoint

Now, create and configure your ServiceNow Endpoint:


Configure the Routing Rules and test your Integration

ONEiO's software robots are trained to build rules between different types of endpoints. The following video shows how to use ONEiO's Routing Rule robot to integrate Jira and ServiceNow instances and how to test your brand new Integration:


Happy Integrating!


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