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How to integrate with different BMC Remedy ARS versions


There are multiple ways to implement communication to BMC Remedy ARS. Normally the mechanism is decided by the party who is operating the Remedy system. Since ONEiO will always adapt to the definitions of the integrated system, there's no difference what method should be used.

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See also Securely connecting ITSM tool with ONEiO to get guidance how to create a secure connection.

Available integration technologies with BMC Remedy.

Ars 9.1

  • BMC Atrium Integration Engine (AIE)
  • Web Services (SOAP)

Ars 8.1

  • BMC Atrium Integration Engine (AIE)
  • Web Services (SOAP)



Web Services

Example WSDL:


BMC Atrium Orchestrator

Sample messages:

Known issues / features

Synchronous acknowledgement messages

It is common that BMC Remedy integrations are built so that they require synchronous (or in some cases asynchronous) ack messages to all messages handled. This requirement can me implemented by the Routing Rules in ONEiO UI.  

Attachment handling

At least in the earlier versions of BMC Remedy, the attachment handling has different limitations:

  • File size cannot be larger than defined (typically 5MB)
  • There cannot be more than three files in a single message
  • There is three to five slots that need to be taken into consideration when operating with attachments towards BMC Remedy

All these limitations can be configured in the Routing Rules in ONEiO UI.  

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