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Service Provider Subscription View - Resolving Strategy

Normally the inbound endpoint is resolved by matching its name to a username that is used to send a message to ONEiO. In case a master subscription needs to use the same username for messages that are to be received by different inbound endpoints, an additional resolving strategy can be applied.

When a specific strategy is configured for a username, a resolving value extracted from the message itself is used to determine the inbound endpoint. The way this resolving value is extracted is based on the resolver type that is set as the resolving credentials. The extracted resolving value is then used to find the actual inbound endpoint — this value has to be assigned to each master subscription owned endpoint.

However, the resolving credentials can be set only via ONEiO support, while master subscription owner can manipulate the resolving value for each belonging subscription owned endpoint.

To view the resolving strategy, please go to Service Provider Subscription -> My Endpoint Types -> any existing endpoint type -> Production or QA environment.


The resolving credentials is set for all endpoints while the resolving value is unique per endpoint.


Click View resolving credentials to view the resolving credentials for this endpoint type. Note there are several resolver types ONEiO currently supports:

Resolver Types Information
DefaultSystemResolver Extracts resolving value from a given HTTP header
HttpRequestParameterValueBasedSystemResolver Extracts resolving value from a given HTTP request parameter
JsonFieldValueBasedSystemResolver Extracts resolving value from a message payload (JSON payload is expected), using the provided JsonPath/DotNotation expression
MultiXmlElementValueBasedSystemResolver Extracts resolving value from a message payload (XML payload is expected), using a provided set of XPath expressions. The XPaths are tried one by one and the order is not guaranteed, so the first matching value will be considered a resolving value
XmlElementValueBasedSystemResolver Extracts resolving value from a message payload (XML payload is expected), using the provided XPath expression

If the resolver type is eg: MultiXmlElementValueBasedSystemResolver, xPath needs to be specified.


Click Set Resolving Value or the pencil button to edit the resolving value. Set the desired resolving value and click confirm to save.

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