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Service Provider Subscription View - Copy Existing Tenants

When adding a new tenant as the service provider subscription owner, you have the option to copy the configuration of an existing tenant. This can be helpful when a new customer has a similar integration case. You can also utilize quota-based tenants to store templates for your integrations, as they will only be counted towards your quote if there are messages flowing in the integration.



Fill in the necessary information and select the existing tenant from which the new tenant may copy. The new tenant is created after clicking Confirm button. Note: you may need to re-login to have full access to the newly created tenant.


Here are items that are copied from the existing subscription:

Components Are Copied Are Not Copied
Endpoints Entity types, message types, other basic configurations unless they are not copied by design Status, URL, outbound username and password, inbound username and password
Routing Rules All active rules Any deactivated rules, status

Remember to activate the copied endpoints and routing rules.

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