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Routing Rules - Using formatters to convert from Unix Timestamp


Formatters can be used to manipulate the values passed from source to target when using table mappings. Is possible to convert from Unix Timestamp to another format using Change date format.

Here is how to do it:

Step1: Edit the routing rule 

Edit the routing rule you need to manipulate the inbound Unix Timestamp and add a new single mapping.

Step 2: Add the formatter 

Click the button 'add' at the side of the desired Source Value and choose Date. 


Adding a Date formatter

Step 3: Insert the Epochtime format

In Change date from, edit the format field. Add EpochTime is for Epoch milliseconds or EpochTime_s for Epoch seconds.

Step4: Test it

You can click on the test button, to test the result of your new date pattern.


Testing the new format

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