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What are runtime variables?

With runtime variables, you can define values that can be used as source values in Outbound Mappings or Conversation Variable Mappings in the same rule. This way the actual mappings can be made simpler, more readable and you can avoid repeating the same kind of configuration many times.

Runtime variable mappings are run before the Outbound Mappings and Conversation Variable Mappings within the rule execution. For subsequent rules executions with a single inbound message, runtime variables are always evaluated again.

All mapping features, including formatters, are available with runtime variables.

To define a runtime variable select the "Runtime variables" tab of a routing rule and insert a mapping



when defining the runtime variable in a routing rule (edit mode) you don't need to use sf:virtual: prefix. However, in the view mode, it would be displayed having the prefix.


When using runtime variables in Outbound Mappings and Conversation Variable Mappings, the names of the source attributes must always start with sf:virtual: -prefix. This is to distinguish them from normal attributes in the source message.



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