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How to set up alert notifications about integration issues for both QA and Production environments


Notifications in ONEiO are used to inform the customer about issues in their integration. Either temporary or permanent issues can be the cause and can be set independently from each other. Furthermore, the configuration settings of the environment and notifications can be selected and adjusted accordingly.


  • If the task is to set the alert notifications using a service email such as and it is not possible to access/respond the email confirmation to complete the setup, please reach out to ONEiO support ( to have the alert notifications completed on your behalf.

  • If you are logged into ONEiO and you are responding to the email notification that requires you to confirm/verify the email for alerts, clicking directly on the link may redirect you to ONEiO and the verification will not work. You will need either right-click and select "Open link in incognito window" or copy/paste the link in an incognito window.If that happens, click on the edit icon(pencil icon) next to the email and hit resend to send the notification again.



The notification settings can be found in the subscription settings and can be accessed by the subscription owner only (in the current release).



  1. Add a new notification recipient by pressing the "Add Recipient" button on the right side of the notification screen.
  2. Fill in the recipient email address for the mailbox you wish to receive your notifications.
  3. Choose the notification settings for the environment in question.
    1. Production Environment
    2. QA Environment
  4. Choose the type of Notification you wish to receive per environment
    1. Warnings
    2. Errors
  5. Save you selection by pressing the "Confirm" button



After saving your selection you are presented with the following UI:




A notification recipient has to verify their email address before notifications are being sent. 

The indicator (pop-up) behind the email address shows the current status of the verification process.


  • Green: The email address has been verified.
  • Yellow: The email address is pending verification. This will expire in 7 days.
  • Red: The email verification has expired. You can resend the verification link in the UI be clicking the edit icon  on the right side and pressing "Resend"


Notification Types

ONEiO has two types of notifications to inform customers about integration issues - warnings and errors.


  • These are defined as temporary issues that can be solved by user intervention, also known as Recoverable Errors.

  • These include for example:
    • Endpoint timeouts
    • Authentication errors
    • General connection problems.

A Warning is also triggered if a message has been in "Pending" state for longer the 5 mins. Only one alert is sent for this warning, even if the message is being retried for longer periods.


These are defined as problems that can't be resolved by user intervention.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Unrecoverable HTTP error codes, defined in the endpoint configuration.
  • Invalid response from the target system, defined by the HTTP success codes in the endpoint configuration.
  • Invalid response from the target system, defined by the Response success value. These are only used when the target system cannot produce an HTTP success code.

Here is an example from ServiceNow for Unrecoverable HTTP error codes.


And an example for HTTP Success codes, also from ServiceNow.




All Alert notifications will be sent from the same email address and follow the same structure. This makes it possible to consume alert notifications and process them further if needed.



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