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Endpoint connection tester

Endpoint connection tester is used to test connection between ONEiO and the endpoint URL. 

The endpoint connection tester at the moment only validates if the URL can be reached or not. Tester does not validate credentials or client certification. 
Endpoint connection tester can be found in ONEiO UI > Edit endpoint > General info -tab > Test connection. 


Successful connection

Below is an example of a successful connection test result:


NOTE! The SSL certificate or the login credentials cannot be tested with the endpoint connection tester.
The SSL certificate and the login credentials can only be tested with sending actual messages.

For this reason you might get the following error message for example, even if you are able to reach the URL: "Fail execute request, problem with ssl - Received fatal alert: handshake_failure".

So in case the response is an error message based on login credentials or the SSL certificate, you have still been able to ping the endpoint URL and it is reachable.


Failed connection

In case the connection fails, the error response is related to the connection, for example: 



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