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How to configure 4me for integration with ONEiO


This document shows an example of what needs to be done in 4me to make it integration-ready with the endpoint in your ONEiO. Note also, that the amount of fields used in integrations might vary. 

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Sending messages from ONEiO to 4me


ONEiO accesses 4me by using the 4me REST API

Create Integration user to 4me

Add integration user to 4me. This user is used to create an update the entities that are integrated. Please note that you need to have a user that is dedicated to the integration use. This is due the fact that there is no possibility to filter out the updates that the integration user has done in the outgoing webhooks. This means that you need to set the integration user in inbound whitelisting to avoid the update to 4me to be echoed back to ONEiO and not cause looping of messages. 

Sending messages from 4me to ONEiO


4me accesses ONEiO with webhooks. To enable the webhook, you need to navigate to the Webhooks section in Settings.


To add a webhook, simply click the "+" button on the top banner.


Give the webhook a name and select the Event it will be triggered from and the URI.

Please note that 4me does not provide any means to properly set authentication to the webhook. Because of that, only option is to include them into the URI directly. You can retrieve the whole URI with credentials (URL encoded) from your ONEiO endpoint.



4me's webhooks only send out a reference set of attributes and values. To be able to use this as an inbound message, ONEiO needs to query the actual payload from 4me's REST api with the reference information in the webhook payload. For this ONEiO uses the credentials set in Outbound communication. This means that to be able to have proper messages coming from 4me, you need to have the outbound credentials set correctly. 
Happy integrating!
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