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How to configure CANCOM for integration with ONEiO


This document shows an example of what needs to be done in ONEiO to integrate with CANCOM. 

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This article gives an overview of the required steps to integrate your systems with CANCOM through  ONEiO and Microsoft Azure Automation.

  1. Prerequisites
  2. How to configure the CANCOM endpoint in ONEiO



In order to use the CANCOM MSP endpoint type in ONEiO it is a prerequisite that you are a customer of the CANCOM.


Sending messages from ONEiO to Cancom ESM

How to configure the CANCOM endpoint in ONEiO

To set up the CANCOM endpoint through the ONEiO Platform, there is no need to do this with a representative of CANCOM, this can be easily done by yourself. However, your contact at CANCOM needs to be able to see the subscription, so that they can add the credentials towards their system in the final step. 

While in the Endpoints section of your ONEiO Subscription, select the CANCOM ESM Endpoint after clicking on '+New endpoint'


This will bring you to the create screen, where you can fill in the first information.


All you need to do is name the endpoint, common practice here is to name it 'CANCOM', select the CANCOM Environment, and the timezone you are in. When selecting the environment, note that this is based on what environment of your ONEiO Subscription you are in. If you are in the QA Environment of your subscription, select QA, if in the PROD environment select PROD.

Once this is done, simply click on 'Create' and the endpoint is created.

To see the first messages arrive on your message feed, you need to let your CANCOM person of contact know the details, and they will be able to send the first tickets from their environment into your subscription. 

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