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Endpoint Type Configuration Guide - Bechtle E-Catalogue

In this document you will find detailed info about Bechtle E-Catalogue Endpoint Type. 

General settings


Bechtle endpoint


Status Sets the status of the endpoint. Active / Suspended
FTP Server Base address of your Bechtle E-Catalogue. This is a fixed value and cannot be changed. Bechtle does not support SFTP.
Customer ID Your Customer number and the Name of the endpoint. You will receive your customer number from your responsible Bechtle sales representative.
Timezone The timezone used in the E-Catalogue. Shown only for reference.
Datetime pattern Date time pattern ONEiO uses to read datetime fields . Shown only for reference.


  [YourE-Catalog] -> ONEiO
Username User name used in the Bechtle E-Catalogue FTP destination URL. Shown only for reference.
Password The password which is used to log on to the Bechtle FTP server. You will receive your password from your responsible Bechtle sales representative. You can change a password in edit mode. 
Polling Status  Sets the status of the polling. Active / Suspended
Polling Interval

Sets the polling interval to:

  • 1 hour
  • 24 hours
  • 1 week
  • permanent (for testing)


The Bechtle E-Catalogue is only intended for data retrieval. For this reason, the Bechtle E-Catalogue endpoint type only supports incoming messages. The data is read and processed from the shared file folder using a polling function. 


Entity types


Bechtle endpoint entity types

To integrate with Bechtle E-Catalog, you can use only fixed Entity types. This is due to the fact that the entities available are depended on available XML file structure. Currently supported entity types:

  • Agreement
  • Catalog
  • Classification Group
  • Parties
  • Products

Fallback is an additional entity type. This is used to categorize duplicate data. With certain data structures, the double reading of data cannot be prevented.

The most commonly used inbound attributes are preconfigured in all entities.

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