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Endpoint Type Configuration Guide - Intercom

In this document, you can find the description of fields and additional instructions on making the endpoint in ONEiO ready for integration with your Intercom instance. This endpoint is meant as a self-service and currently supports the integration of Intercom Conversation, Ticket, Contact and Company data. Contacts and Companies can be integrated in one direction only, i.e. it's possible to write data into Intercom but not read from Intercom. While Tickets and Conversations support a bi-directional integration, which means reading and writing data from and to Intercom.

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Status Sets the status of the endpoint. 
Name Name of the endpoint. It is recommended to use short names since this name is used in displays throughout ONEiO.
Base URL The base address of your Intercom instance.

ONEiO Field [Your Intercom] -> ONEiO
Polling Status The trigger for the polling mechanism. Once enabled ONEiO will actively poll Intercom for ticket and conversation data.
Polling Interval The interval between the polling requests. If undefined it will be defaulted to 30 seconds. 

ONEiO Field ONEiO -> [Your Intercom]
Intercom Bearer Token The name of the token created for the integration. See the integration guide for more detail.


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