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Endpoint Type Configuration Guide - ky2help

Endpoint Details

In this document, you will find detailed info about ky2help Endpoint Type. This Endpoint Type is a Self-Service type, so users can add them without a need to reach out to ONEiO Support. 



Status Sets the status of the endpoint. Active / Suspended
Name Name of the endpoint. It is recommended to use short names since this name is used in displays throughout ONEiO.
Base URL The base address of your ky2help System. You can test the HTTP connection by clicking the "Test Connection" button. Note that this function does not test the authentication, only if ONEiO can reach the endpoint.


  ONEiO -> [Your ky2help] 

Username for the integration user. This user needs to have the corresponding role(s) sufficient to cover access to the integrated process.

Password Password for the above username.


   [Your ky2help] -> ONEiO
Polling Interval

The interval between each poll performed by ONEiO. It is recommended to use lesser intervals for a more real-time experience with a smaller result dataset. 


Entity Types

The ky2help endpoint type comes with support for incidents, changes, problems, tasks and forms. 





Display Name You can change the display name of an entity.
Polling Status Activation switch (Activated/Suspended) for the polling mechanism. 
Polling URI You can extend the query with additional arguments if supported by the API.
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