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Endpoint Type Configuration Guide - ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus

In this document, you can find the description of fields and additional instructions on making the endpoint in ONEiO ready for integration with your ServiceDesk Plus instance. This endpoint is meant as a self-service and currently supports the "Request" entity type which can integrate a typical incident or service request management process. If anything is unclear or you got stuck with something not covered please reach out to us at



Status Sets the status of the endpoint. Active / Suspended. Suspending an endpoint would queue any inbound/outbound messaging and release it when activated. 
Name Name of the endpoint. It is recommended to use short names since this name is used in displays throughout ONEiO.
Base URL The base URI of your SDP instance. You can see it in the browser address bar while logged in. Simply take the value before the "/app/.." part.


  [Your SDP] -> ONEiO 
Inbound authentication

Toggled in the endpoint edit mode. Token for the webhook configuration in SDP. Please consult the dedicated integration guide


  ONEiO -> [Your SDP] 
Client Id

Client Id of the OAuth app generated through Zoho. Please check out this guide for further instructions. 

Client Secret Client secret of the OAuth app generated through Zoho.
Refresh Token This token is retrieved from Zoho. Generates access token used in authenticating requests towards SDP. 


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