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Personal User Account


The Account submenu includes all information about your personal user account, split into two pages. These are:

  • My Settings
  • Permission 

To access these pages just click on the Account icon on the top right-hand side.


My Settings

The My Settings page lets you change your display name and account password. Your username is account-specific and cant be changed.



In the Permissions view, you can view a list of the subscriptions and environment-specific permissions granted for your user account. In case you need new permission or modified existing permissions, please contact your Subscription Owner.


You also have the possibility this view based on the subscription name or remove yourself from a subscription by clicking the "Remove" button.


Invitation Process - New Users

When a new user is invited to join ONEiO as described in ONEiO User Management then you as the user would receive this email.


The link directs to the confirmation screen where the user either rejects the invitation or fills in the needed Password and User agreement and confirms their account.


The user can only confirm their account when both the password is filled and the user agreement is checked.

User permissions modifications - Already Existing Users

If an existing user permissions are updated, an e-mail notification will be sent to the user information to confirm the access.



  • Or login to the ONEiO App
    • Go to My Account
    • Select Permissions
    • Accept Permissions and confirm.
  • If the link from the email has expired, please reach out the subscription owner to resend the link to you. The subscription owner can refer to the document to achieve this and more : User Management


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