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How to configure WithSecure for integration with ONEiO


This document shows an example of what needs to be done in WithSecure to make it integration-ready with ONEiO. The WithSecure endpoint currently supports integration for security events for the Endpoint Protection product. 

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Sending messages from WithSecure to ONEiO

The endpoint supports the integration of data in one direction. ONEiO is continuously polling WithSecure API to retrieve security event data and transform it into messages. As such, there is no particular configuration process. For the polling function to succeed we need to supply the endpoint with the correct credentials for authentication along with the dedicated organization UUID


Set up the authentication

You need to prepare the credentials given to you by WithSecure: clientId and client secret, encode the combination clientId:clientSecret in base64, and save the value in the endpoint field:


The input values for organization UUID, clientId, and client secret can be found/generated in the API clients tools of the Management section of the WithSecure web app. 



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