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How to configure HaloITSM Service Desk for integration with ONEiO


This document shows an example of what needs to be done in HaloITSM application to make it integration-ready with the endpoint in your ONEiO. 

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This article gives an overview of the required steps to integrate ONEiO and HaloITSM. In this guide, we cover the following steps required for bi-directional communication between ONEiO and HaloITSM.


Sending and receiving data from HaloITSM

Setting Up ONEiO Integration with HaloITSM REST API

ONEiO would communicate with the HaloITSM REST API which would allow it to read information about any new tickets and update them.

To be able to communicate with HaloITSM we would need to create an application (Configuration>Integrations>HaloITSM API>Applications>New). 


  1. Give the new application a name. Take a note as it will be necessary further when you are building the routing rules within ONEiO.
  2. Select the "Services" (Client ID and Secret)
  3. Note and save the generated values for "Client ID" and "Client Secret"
  4. Define the "Login Type" as "Agent".
  5. Define "Agent to log as" as "*None*". 
  6. Define the necessary permissions in the "Permissions" tab. For the integration to function normally in both directions it would be mandatory to have the "read:tickets" and "edit:tickets". 
  7. Save the application.

Now we have all that is necessary to create and define the endpoint within ONEiO. Please follow the Endpoint Type Configuration Guide - HaloITSM for instructions. 


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