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How to Submit a Request for Deletion or Cleanup of a Message Conversation

If you have a need to Delete a Message conversation or cleanup a series of Message conversations for multiple tickets within your ONEiO Subscription or Tenant for QA or PROD, the request must be submitted to ONEiO Support by an individual that has Modify permissions within the specific environment (QA or PROD) for the Enterprise Subscription or Service Provider Tenants.

Please provide the following information:

  • Name of the Subscription / Tenant or URL Link to the Subscription
  • Provide List of Ticket ID's to be removed or a link to the specific Message Conversation
  • Indicate if the messages in the Inbound Queue or Outbound Queue should be deleted

ONEiO Support will check and confirm the request is submitted by an individual with appropriate permissions before taking any additional action, and will send a follow-up confirmation prior to executing the deletion task.


We have implemented this as Security threats are on the rise and we are continuously reviewing our Security procedures to ensure that our system(s) and your data is secure.

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