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Why should I pay the monthly subscription fee?

Traditional integration approach would require your to acquire infrastructure (server), integration applications and build (develop) integrations. Important thing to understand is, that you would need to anyway pay for servers, software licenses and related maintenance and support services + development and maintenance of the integrations. The question is how much would a server and application environment with 99,9% end-to-end availability, 24/7 maintenance, monitoring and technical support services AND continuous development work cost?

Where as ONEiO SaaS is all-inclusive, the Subscription includes everything that is needed to run reliable integrations. Please take a look at the attached service description for the details, but as a summary. SaaS Subscription includes:

  1. Highly available, scalable and secure Infrastructure ("Servers")
  2. Enterprise grade highly scalable and secure integration applications ("Software")
  3. Ready-to-use integrations e.g ITSM adapter and supplier connection ("connections + logic")
  4. Continuous development of all components (Servers+Software+Integrations)
  5. Operations (support & maintenance services for all components)
  6. Enterprise level SLA: Continuous delivery, 99,9% availability, 24/7/365 (no maintenance breaks)

Shortly put, all these with only one monthly price = Subscription

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